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Friday, November 30, 2012

Hard Eight BBQ

2 stars

After knowing of this location for a couple of years and opting for the original in Stephenville first a couple years back...I figured it to be time I make a visit. For all those giving the Coppell location 4 and 5 obviously don't know BBQ and would probably rate a Dickey's the same. Hell, I would rate Rudy's higher over Coppell Hard Eight. No lie and I've been to many of the best Q joints in TX.

First, stop reading this now and spend the time to head to Stephenville. Second, if you're still reading this, that means you're too lazy to even make the trip for good BBQ. Third, that shows me you would rate Dickey's at a 4 or 5 star level too.

Starting off, great ambiance. Nothing wrong with dead animals hanging from the walls. Got to the pit and everything appeared delicious but as most men in relationships with trophy women know by now...appearances don't always have substance. Kidding. Maybe. Ordered a link of Jalapeno sausage, 1/4 of brisket, and 4 ribs.

Brisket was flat out dry, somewhat hard. Had to moisten it with the sauce which real good BBQ NEVER needs sauce. Alas, this did. There was no burnt edges around it either. Sad. Sausage was not hand made. There is a difference. Hand made has a crisp outer layer and the meat is packed within and often crumbles. And the ribs...small. One rib had no meat. I considered returning said meatless rib but was too lazy. The meat came off the bone well but lacked flavor. More salt and pepper could fix that. There was very minimal smokey flavor to any of it and I barely smelled of smoke myself upon leaving. Not a good sign. The only highlight was the Jalapeno Corn pudding...nicely labeled "Jap Corn", which I found to be humorous. I just chuckled again at that. would be great to claim that I had a legit Q joint located close to me seeing that I hold the original location in high regard but unfortunately...this is not the case. I'll just stick to Rudy's in Frisco for now.